Entry #4

Huzzah! I have a mission!

2009-06-23 13:48:50 by cuestaluis

That mission is making a Big Fucking Poster with all (or most) of the characters from Super Punch-Out!
So far Ive only finished Gabby Jay (depicted here in a cropped ver.), but I plan ongetting it done in a month or so, depending on my various trip schedules, and general procrastinating.
It will be posted on the art portal in it's full glory for everyone to download.

Huzzah! I have a mission!


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2009-06-30 22:06:17

This would have been perfect for the Hi-Def Sprite contest a while back


2009-07-01 16:10:43

Great drawing of Gabby Jay! He looks every bit like the kind-of-pathetic fighter he is in Super Punch Out, although the veins and the muscles look a bit too big for a fighter like him... =]

Also, a quick question, I've sent you an PM regarding the StoryBook project, I need to know: have you given up on it? If so, then I'll be disappointed and sad, specially after seeing how the Pale Man looked like, but I'll understand (I've been on many projects that sputtered out). The thing is, I just need know if its a go or no go...